Retail Sawdust and Mulch Sales

Double Ground Landscaping Mulch

$30.00 per cubic yard plus sales tax

Four cubic yards fill a full size pick-up truck heaped to the top of the cab.
​By the yard, 1/2 semi & semi loads available.

Wood Chips

$20.00 per cubic yard plus sales tax

Wood chips make an excellent substitute for landscaping mulch when used for outlying trees and other farm uses.


Green Sawdust

$30.00 per four cubic yards

Kiln Dried Sawdust

$50.00 per four cubic yards

Green and kiln dried sawdust are used for animal bedding. Green sawdust is lighter in consistency. Kiln dried sawdust works well for show animals.

Green sawdust is sawdust created from green logs being sawn into lumber, kiln dried sawdust is created from kiln dried lumber run through the planer.

Walnut Sawdust

$30.00 per four cubic yards

Used for animal composting.

Payment for Retail Purchases

Payment is expected at time of sale. Payment methods are cash for sawdust and mulch sales. We do not accept checks. Credit card payments are also accepted with a 3% surcharge.

Credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard. We are not able to accept American Express or Discover at this time. We cannot process debit cards.