Retail Kiln Dried Lumber Sales

Pricing and Availability Subject To Change

Width/Color/Grain/Clear Sorting Will Carry An Additional Premium of 10%

Unsurfaced Pricing3 -5’6’7 -8’9 -12’
4/4 Cottonwood-----1.501.501.60
4/4 Poplar-----
4/4 Basswood-----
4/4 Ash-----1.951.952.25
4/4 Soft Maple, Unselected-----
4/4 Hard Maple, Unselected-----2.502.502.50
4/4 Hickory-----2.352.352.75
4/4 Cedar, Aromatic----------2.503.00
4/4 Red Oak2.002.402.703.00
4/4 Soft Maple, White-----2.753.003.50
4/4 White Oak2.703.903.903.90
4/4 Hard Maple, White-----3.754.504.50
4/4 Cherry3.254.004.755.50
4/4 Walnut-----6.506.506.50
4/4 Birch-----3.504.25-----
4/4 Hard Maple, Curly-----5.755.75-----
4/4 Red Oak, Quarter Sawn4.254.254.75-----
4/4 Soft Maple, Curly-----3.503.50-----
4/4 White Oak, Quarter Sawn4.255.505.50-----

Surfacing Both Faces Additional .15 per board foot
Straight Line, One Edge Additional .15 per board foot

Thick Stock

Unsurfaced Pricing5/46/48/4
Hardwood Maple, White4.605.155.60
Red Oak3.504.005.00
Red Oak, Quarter Sawn5.005.256.00
Soft Maple, White3.153.303.50
White Oak, Quarter Sawn5.756.256.50
White Oak4.004.605.25

Wide Lumber Available, Please Ask For Pricing, Prices Are Subject To Change